Disclaimer - TheFashCP™ Database

Because of the educational mission of TheFashCP™ , all names of consumer products, their brands, manufacturers, authors, publishers, places, estates, inventors, persons, and/or any occurrence that made a significant contribution to any industry, have been left in this first presentation from the original research.

We ask that if your name is referenced that you consider participating in this new pedagogy in learning. Any currently included references are free. If any corrections need to be made we are happy to make them. However, we reserve the right to decline the information as a free correction, if it points to a new Questions & Answers opportunity.

For more information, please visit the Non-Profit & For-Profit page.

Please know that our registration pricing reflects our belief that those who contribute qualified information are as important to us as those who learn from the information.

The database starts with the original research. Many hours in the library were spent searching through materials. Historical facts, even trivial facts, are important to how and why products were initially developed, and how and why they continued to evolve.

A combination of obituaries, noteworthy newspapers articles, information from industry magazines, and eventually the Internet to verify time sensitive concepts, was included in all that you see. For these reasons all Questions & Answers, and/or the mention of any individual or product is framed as historical, factual, trivial, even facetious. It will always be straightforward, positive, and educational in the way in which it is included in TheFashCP™ database.