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Dear TheFashCP™ users,

I REALLY tried to write a short letter, but what can I say? Professors get paid to talk so here goes a short autobiography. As a woman on the business and technology side of the fashion industry, it takes looking back for me to appreciate that my journey has been blessed.

Like a lot of you I was fascinated with what I thought was all the glamour and beauty of fashion and I had all these plans of becoming a famous fashion designer. Then my dear mother, who was not one to kill dreams, suggested that I choose a curriculum where I could always teach.

I thought that was the dumbest idea I had ever heard.

But mother had never steered me wrong, so I received a Bachelor's of Science in Clothing and Textiles from Hampton University (formerly Hampton Institute) with an undeclared minor in Chemistry. I also received a Master's in Science in Textiles Management with a minor in Apparel Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Throughout the span of my career I was the first woman in dyeing and finishing technology. I also went through two layoffs, attempted a quick switch of industries, and missed the freedom of home furnishings and fashion where over 22 years I experienced the entire supply chain from raw materials to retail placement for the consumer.

Being on the business and technology side of fashion, all the way through to the art and design side of the industry, was an eye opener. The effects of globalization, the expectations for increased travel, more product development - both accompanied by shrinking pay - and a pattern of inconsistency in job tenure affected the civility I needed to be a good mother.

It was a third layoff that made me take mother's advice. Over the past 20 years, I hopefully have expanded the bright minds of which I have had contact to the point that they will want to continue to learn.

Mentally I found comfort in teaching by realizing I would eventually stabilize my financial expectations, stabilize myself, and most importantly, experience the satisfaction that comes with giving back.

Starting as a minority recruiter on my path to the classroom and knowing what I did, I set out to design a quick assessment that could be used to show students the various jobs available in the fashion industry.

Knowing what I now know, I intended to show the interrelationship of business and technology versus art and design. However, before I could get some kind of easy to understand chart together, I went into the classroom.

But my own curiosity caught hold, and I continued researching intensely for the first 10 years then off and on for another 15 years. My original research, for efficiency's sake, is now organized into eight categories.

Mother was right again.

Teaching not only stabilized my existence, it has afforded me an opportunity to enjoy what I do so much that I now have something tangible to share with you. I never did become that famous fashion designer, though I can and do sew to relax.

Loading my original research for the programmers has turned into a lot of work so I have to apologize for my inability to personally answer any inquiries. However, to paraphrase President Obama, here’s wishing you many “teachable moments.”



(Professor) Donna L. Avery, President

The Fashion and Consumer Products Continuum, otherwise known as TheFashCP™, is a database that makes learning about fashion and consumer products both convenient and fun.

Filled with more than 20 years of research from a design industry professional, TheFashCP™ takes its users on an "edu-taining" journey through the history of ubiquitous fashion, beauty, and technological products; many of which we use on a daily basis.

Categories in TheFashCP™ Database

Textiles processing and the by-products of that processing are so critically important to the world economy that textiles has its own provision under the General Agreement Of Tariffs And Trade (GATT). GATT is mostly regulated in various states of its existence under the auspices of the World Trade Organization (WTO). In the drop-down box when you search, you will see that TheFashCP™ contains nine categories that explore the relationship between consumer products and textiles with global considerations. Three other categories are being added and will appear soon.

Textiles have a critical role in most consumer product industries and it is a fact that the processing of textiles and many of the resulting by-products has a direct effect on the product development of most consumer products, be they natural and sustainable, or engineered to bring out the best properties in the fibers. Some of what is used in a textile mill has also now been re-packaged for consumer retail, and are now in your home.

After a lot of thought I decided to leave the word "Fashion" in the name of the database. Why? Because "fashion" is the most popular consumer product worldwide, helped by the overall glamorous perception. Almost everyone is fascinated with what fashion has to offer, but few understand the end goal of the fashion industry: to make a profit.

How many industries can you name, that also have everything to do with that particular consumer product making money?

As a result, one of the most important sections in TheFashCP™ is the Marketing and Support Functions, which includes Questions & Answers on all of the consumer products in this database.

How it Works

How do you find the answers to your questions, you may ask? The TheFashCP™ Sample Questions link will show you.

  1. Begin by typing a word in the "Keyword" search field;
  2. A drop down menu with active keywords from the database will appear.
  3. Click on the active keyword of your choice and click "Submit."
  4. One or more question(s), with the category code(s) from the database, will appear.
  5. Click on the "Click Here to Show Answer" link to see the results of your keyword search.
  6. Note: Keyword use is optional when using the Sample Questions database but is mandatory when using the full database.

That's what this centralized database is all about.

It will not be uncommon for your keyword to be a part of the question, or the actual answer, or for it to appear in a variety of the coded sections. Plan to have fun getting distracted in your search.

TheFashCP™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of CtFOT Media LLC™.

I want to publicly thank the infrastructure programming team, my website designer, social media liaison, and my graduating students for their diligent and concentrated work, and words of encouragement.

My students commented that they could think of this as a new kind of classroom and a new kind of “textbook”, because the information is conveniently digital.

For those of you who want a physical textbook, TheFashCP™ will soon offer teaching modules and printable charts. No pictures for now, just educational text.

  • It is our mission to remain a non-partisan educational site.
  • It is NOT our mission to:
    1. Act as a site for job seekers or recruiters;
    2. Announce exhibitions, fashion shows, webinars, etc.;
    3. Announce product offerings for any individual trying to enter any industry;
    4. Endorse any branded, leading and/or new manufacturer;
    5. Endorse any branded, leading and/or new product;
    6. Endorse any old or new patents;
    7. Have any union discussions;
    8. Lay out a “short cut” as to how to make it big in any consumer products industry.
    9. List or promote bloggers or affiliate sites;
    10. List or promote individual opinion sites;
    11. Offer any negative commentary about any persons, places, brands and/or generic product, and/or any manufacturer(s) of those product(s);
    12. Offer comments(s) among professionals;
    13. Promote individual designers who are up and coming in any region;
    14. Serve as an advertising site for any product(s) or manufacturer(s); or
    15. Solicit for any trade organizations.

    For areas we cannot accommodate, there are many other professional sites.

    The coming Accept/Decline/Hold Harmless Form reflects its name.

    Please see our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions pages for further explanation.

    The coming Your Frequently Asked Questions™ (YFAQ™) will allow a designated number of individuals to post questions about things they cannot find in the database. We will then try to add that information by the next download.

    All questions must specifically be relevant to consumer product manufacturing. You must register for this privilege, and the question(s) or statement(s) cannot and will not promote your business, blog or personal endeavors.

    With the global implications of consumer product manufacturing, and the fact that the information is perpetual, it is our mission to answer serious questions so all of us can learn.

    YFAQ™ will not be a chat section!!

    Be sure to connect with TheFashCP™ on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

    Thank you.